The project

Irreversible trends like climate change and land subsidence, as well as the effects of urbanisation on quality of life, health and accessibility, are becoming increasingly apparent in our cities. A consortium led by Deltares conducted an investigation in 2015 to identify technologies and planning concepts that contribute to climate mitigation, climate adaptation and the sustainable use of resources in urban environments.

In the preparatory stages, it immediately became clear that the objectives could only be achieved by establishing interdisciplinary teams, and so cross-sector cooperation became an important component of this project.

Our role and the results

The focus was on case studies in the cities of Utrecht, Amsterdam, Almere, Duiven and Rotterdam. In Utrecht, we defined the design principles for the planning of blue and green infrastructure in the city to ensure that water and green areas make the maximum contribution to environmental factors such as air quality, water and temperature regulation, and water quality.

Hans Gehrels en Inge van de Klundert
Water and vegetation can contribute to a climate-resilient and healthy environment.
Hans Gehrels
Expert advisor sustainable cities, Deltares
With the Adaptive Circular Cities project, Deltares has given the City of Utrecht a clear and complete picture of the design principles for a healthy and climate-resilient city, explicitly addressing the question of how we can use the available theoretical knowledge for practical use in the city.
Inge van de Klundert
Sustainability consultant for the City of Utrecht


In this project Deltares worked together with the following partners:

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Marco Hoogvliet
Expert urban (ground) water and soil systems
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Deltares Annual Report 2015