The need to manage and predict flood risks continues to increase around the world

Floods are the main natural disasters affecting the planet. As the sea level rises, the population increases and the economy grows, the need to predict and manage flood risks is becoming even more pressing. Deltares research allows for the increasingly accurate assessment of the strength of flood defences and the prediction of water levels, wave heights and erosion, and for ongoing improvements to estimates of flood risks (at both global and local levels).

Our expertise covers the full scope of flood risk management: from prevention and risk calculation to practical support for the formulation of policy decisions. We aim to make flood measures worldwide more effective and more cost-efficient. During the course of that process, we are always responding to the most recent developments such as the use of big data, the latest software and ICT developments, and society's changing demands.

In 2016

We will be continuing with our research and advisory activities in 2016 to further quantify the risks in regard to flooding. We will also be seeking effective, affordable and technically feasible measures and, where necessary, will help avert the threat of flooding.

Deltares Annual Report 2015