Working on "funds for a rainy day" for freshwater

Delta areas throughout the world are increasingly faced by pressing shortages of fresh water. The over-exploitation of fresh groundwater stocks, climate change and sea-level rise are leading to problems with dryness in nature areas, salinisation and land subsidence. So there are more than enough reasons to establish reserves for dealing with freshwater shortages in the future. Deltares is making a contribution by supplying smart solutions that will safeguard adequate, top-quality, freshwater supplies for agriculture and drinking water that will be available at the right time.

In 2016

Increasingly, conflicts in the world are linked to a shortage of freshwater. Water shortages, for example, threaten agriculture and, with it, food production. We want to acquire a greater insight into the relationship between drought and the risks of conflicts and the attendant refugee flows.

Deltares Annual Report 2015