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Towards Well-founded Decisions

Coastal and delta areas throughout the world are faced with land subsidence issues and are increasingly affected by the consequences. Due to human activity, the land in some areas is subsiding faster than the rise in sea levels due to climate change. The damage due to flooding is going up and the likelihood of victims is rising. Furthermore, land subsidence is causing significant economic losses, such as structural damage and high maintenance costs of roads, railways, dikes, pipelines and buildings.

In many areas people are beginning to realise that intervention is an absolute must. Proper data, innovative technologies and the recognition and acknowledgement of the land subsidence issue are required to come up with targeted strategies and solutions. Deltares’ ambition is to create a solid scientific basis for land subsidence and to make this suitable for application in problem analyses and forecasting models throughout the world. This way we bring the consequences of land subsidence into focus on the basis of different scenarios.

In 2016

Economically and socially responsible decisions can only be made on the basis of reliable land movement predictions. This is why we continue to invest in the reliability of our land subsidence models. Furthermore, we provide policymakers with perspectives for action in which measures are linked to technical knowledge in order to arrive at a balanced assessment and choice of a land subsidence strategy.

Deltares Annual Report 2015